who has read the works of Herbert Quain?

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I particularly love this Irish writer’s 1936 work “April March”, a novel with nine different beginnings which fork back in time…

Actually I haven’t read anything by him and I doubt you have either.

Have you ever had an idea for an amazing novel, but known you would never bother to write it all out in 80,000+ words? Not only that but actually writing it would be beyond your current technical ability?

Well why not pretend the book has already been written, by someone else and write a review of it? It would be “fair use” to include an extract wouldn’t it?

Herbert Quain was one of several fictional authors of fictional books covered by Borges in Ficciones a short anthology which includes among other works, scholarly reviews of made up books.

The book that the excellent “Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell” currently airing on the BBC is adapted from…

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  1. I love the footnotes in “Jonathan Strange…” – They do really help to make the novel.

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