blog not updated regularly enough for you?

do feel free to sign up to my weekly flash fiction newsletter here –

I’m an avid reader of similar emails from the likes of Warren Ellisand Sean Bonner and Ann Friedman among others – I thought I would try my hand at something regular that might force me to write to some kind of deadline…

The idea is to send out a new piece of flash fiction each weekend. Each story will be less than 1000 words and might be as few as 100 depending on what form it takes.

They will probably be stand alone – but if they are connected to anything else – links will be provided.

The full text will be in the email and for most stories will only be in the email – some may also go on my blog however the idea is to focus on the newsletter as a newsletter, I like these things.


As I said above I really like getting a little newsletter in my inbox every couple of days from a range of people about a range of things – I’d like to replicate it here.

I also wonder with my blog – I can see how many people visit, and how many like a post or comment on it – but tinyletter allows me to see unique opens, and to track that across the weeks.

I like the idea of seeing whether my writing suffers from diminishing returns or the opposite, whether people are really engaging with my stories or not.

Lastly I’d also like to encourage replies and a dialogue about my writing, with the aim of improving it.