A rose by any other name

Clerkenwell Writers Asylum

The Clerkenwell Writer’s Asylum inaugural writing prompt challenge!

At our first regular meeting of 2015 last night, the idea of using writing prompts to help encourage those of us who need an extra push to get writing, or just like prompts was raised.

I decided to take the initiative and launch our first but hopefully not last such challenge.

For those that haven’t used them before – here is a great tumblr which explains them and provides some good ones.


You could use the prompts to inspire a story for the CWA Blog or one you want to take further… If you participate in the challenge it doesn’t mean you have to bring the story to a meeting, just share them via email.  It would be great if someone else wanted to provide prompts for the next challenge in February if this takes off as an idea.

January Challenge…

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