orange juice sharks and cucumber shotguns

As ever inspired by Chuck’s prompt here – using these photos from here.

Obviously I got #16

Not totally happy with this one which took about an hour, spread over two days…

Orange Juice Sharks and Cucumber Shotguns

Daniel was shouting from the kitchen again. “Daddy my orange juice tried to bite me.” His shrill high voice could grate when it was early morning and Sam hadn’t had much sleep the night before.

He returned to the kitchen, shaving foam still covering his throat and spilling down the front of his t-shirt.

Daniel was sat at the table is glass was laying on its side orange juice splashed across the table and dripping sweetly onto the floor. His eyes were wide and innocent and his cheeks flushed with what looked like genuine fear, as if Sam would ever raise a hand to him.

“Alright, Daniel you don’t have to make up stupid excuses. People spill things it’s not the end of the world.”

“I’m not daddy, an orange shark came out of my drink and tried to bite me.” He pouted. Stubborn kid.

“Look I’m not going to argue with you right now. I’ve got to get you to kindergarten, and get this mess cleared up. He was bustling around as he talked, grabbing cloth and spray.

At lunchtime Sam popped out to the bank to make the monthly payment for his mom’s medical fees. God they were getting higher and higher as she got weaker and weaker.

Several customers in front of him at the head of the queue Sam became aware of a disturbance a man in a dirty rain mac was pointing a black bin bag with an object like a sawn off shotgun in it at the cashier and shouting for her to fill a sports bag he’d shoved over the counter with cash.

Mac man turned round to the rest of the small branch office. “OK everyone down on the floor, now!”

Sam joined the other customers diving onto the floor.

Someone shouted “Wait that’s a cucumber in the bag”

The security guard got up off the floor and was drawing his piece. Sam kept his head down, someone still had a gun, just because it was the good guy didn’t make things safer in his opinion.

Mac man swung the black bag in the direction of the guard and shouted something that sounded like “swallow this mother funker”, or words to that effect.

A jet of high powered water burst from the bag and smashed into the guard’s chest sending him flying back against the wall which he bounced off with a thud before sliding to the floor unconscious or dead.

There was uproar in the bank as people started screaming. Sam lay quietly on the floor and wondered why people thought screaming and running around would make things better.

The doors clattered as the hold up man ran through them and piercing alarms joined the screams in rending the air.

Later while finishing his witness statement for the cops, Sam looked across and noticed the sad, withered looking cucumber laying on the floor, dry and dead. Every drop of water drained from it.

Sam got back to work three hours late.

“Sam where the heck have you been? We don’t do four hour lunches any more you know.”

“Hey the bank was held up didn’t you see?” He frowned at Mirabelle, she was standing with her hands on her hips and her large bleached afro was bristling with annoyance.

“Oh, you were there, well OK. Anyway it’s not your work that’s the problem, it’s Daniel’s kindergarten they’ve been trying to get hold of you and you left your cell in the office.”

“What? What’s up with Daniel? They wouldn’t say other than he’s safe, but there was an incident in the splash pool after lunch, you need to take him home. Go on, you’ve missed most of the day anyway.”

“Thanks Mirabelle, I’ll make it up later.”

As he drove over to pick Daniel up Sam couldn’t stop thinking about the bank hold up, and what Daniel had said earlier about sharks in his orange juice. What had happened at the splash pool?