So in the last couple of days I’ve written about 3000 words of what might be either a novella or more likely a long short story, in the third person and in a fairly pulpy and homage heavy style. So far it has in just the first few words two main points of view – one is the protagonist, and the other is his main antagonist for this initial sequence.

Now I’ve generally believed that even that is too many povs in that short space of time, my instinct is always to keep things simple, and entire novel shouldn’t have more than two or three povs at the most. And one is often enough. And then as if to make things worse, I’ve written a brief scene where pov switches rapidly between the two characters…

Now rules are made to be broken, and I did it because the story demanded it, but I’ve reread it a few times and I dunno I can me having to scrap it and rewrite that scene at some point.