it’s just one word after another

It’s just one word after another

So following the 1000 word flash I wrote on Monday, I managed to write another 1300 or so yesterday, this time without needing a prompt or any other external inspiration. At least beyond the subconscious level.

I’m much happier with yesterday’s work, so happy in fact that I’m going to hold off posting it until I’ve written another couple of chapters because I detect a longer story coming.

What this hammers home for me though, is that once you start writing – even something that’s rushed and you’re not that happy with – it does lead to more writing. The process of writing really is about putting one word in front of another.

Which brings me to another issue – if you start writing a story you think has real potential and could work nicely as a serial, how many chapters do you get down before posting publicly? Posting the first before you’ve written the second would probably be a mistake, what if you never write another word of that story? But you crave some sort of feedback,  you want to get it out there before you lose momentum…

hmm… *scratches chin*