black market daemon (part one)

so having dispensed with ‘Rabbit Proof Fence’ for now – I am posting this morning’s writing practice. I decided to go with a popular writing prompt idea of taking an existing wildly fantastical story idea and setting it in the real world. See if you can guess what it is. *winking smiley*

***updated as of the 2nd of January*** Please do remember this story is just a bit of fun really…

Black Market Daemon

The top deck of the bus had clearly been ripped off by a tremendous force, all that was left of the roof were twisted shards of red metal a seat was hanging precariously over the door.

The street had been sealed off with police tape and forensic examiners in white paper suits were still combing the ground around the wrecked vehicle.

“So then, what do you reckon?”

Alex turned to Detective Sergeant Ash Turner who had appeared silently at his side.

“Well it’s obviously not a bomb despite what Twitter and Sky are saying, the bottom deck of the bus is almost intact, your constable over there says the driver and the passenger on the bottom deck are unharmed, and claim they heard more of a roar than a blast.”

“And we wouldn’t have called you would we? There are no casualties; although we did find some traces of human blood on the remains of the top deck, that’s going to be analysed of course”

“No. At first glance I would have to agree. This looks like an unauthorised Pouch Fighter ruck to me as well.”

Alex yawned and stretched. He resented being woken up by the police at 3am and he resented even more not being able to moan about time wasting. This night bus had been ripped up by at least a class 3 Pouch Daemon.

“OK Ash. I’ll get the office on it as soon as they start getting in at eight. In the meantime, let’s go over what your lot have found so far.”

By eight thirty Alex had gathered most of his team together in their small but plush offices in the former Olympic Park just a few miles east of the wrecked bus.

He looked at them, the UK Daemon League Association’s Licensing Enforcement Office or LEO for short.

Manny was leaning against his desk, his class one hunter/sniffer daemon  Snortz was snuffling around on his shoulder, paying particular attention to a stray hair that had escaped at the back of Manny’s turban.  Laura was reading the lab reports which had just been emailed over by the cops; and Jake stroking his class one grappler Pooku who had apparently had a rough night due to a firework display near their flat.

“Right, you’ve all had a chance to see what the police have got so far. Not a huge amount to go on, but the evidence suggests it was an unscheduled outburst by at least a class three; possibly a ripper. Hopefully for our sakes it was an unlicensed daemon, but at this stage we’re not ruling anything out. Laura I want you to liaise with the Met to search the database for all licensed pouch fighters and their daemons to see if any fit the bill. Jake you’re going to work with the forensic examiner’s office to see if there is anything we can add to their work. Manny I want you and Snortz to visit the scene of the crime and see what you can sniff out.”

It was still only nine thirty by the time the briefing was finished and everyone was heading off to their assigned tasks. Alex was proud of his team and their ability to move into action so quickly.

A few minutes later he headed to the roof of UKDLA building on the twenty second floor and after a few brief moments surveying the skyline he blew gently on the small silver whistle he wore round his neck and under his shirt.

It was just a few more moments when a leathery flapping in the air announced the arrival of his only pouch daemon; and friend and equal Gralor.

The massive orange scaled and yellow maned wyvern style class three grinder gently lowered himself onto the roof a few feet away from Alex.