the silver girl

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I was woken up by a banging at my bedroom door, I bet myself Hetty had found herself covered in tin foil again. I yawned and shouted at her to come in. The flimsy wooden door almost swung off its hinges and Hetty ran in, clad in a long t-shirt, all the flesh that was visible shining, crinkling, silver.

Her brown eyes were wide and panicked.

‘Okay, okay don’t worry sit down’, I said hunching my legs up so she could sit at the end of the bed.

I got up and knelt on the floor in front of her.

‘Come on let’s get it off then’.

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what does creative writing look like?

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In creative writing groups and classes we often talk about and think about creative writing as being about writing short stories, or longer stories. This generally means we focus on the different forms of the above definitions; sometimes poetry or screen writing or even play writing, radio drama, or comicbooks might get a look in.

But the arena is so much greater than that – those of us who can remember the TV commercials of the eighties and nineties golden age of Dunlop, and Guiness (both of which cross over with music videos another area ripe with creative writing); must surely hold them up as some great examples of creative thinking and writing that stands alongside any short story by your favourite author?

On top of the above there has been the explosion in narrative potential with computer games, particularly sweeping global platforms like World of Warcraft and geopolitical…

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actually I’m not at all sorry

That thing I wrote yesterday morning? Well it clearly unblocked something inside me, I went on to work on my drafting of a short story that I’ve been reworking from a couple of years ago; and then yesterday evening after we decided it was too cold to go to the cinema – I did around 2000 words of a new story that had been percolating for a while.

This is what prompts are supposed to be about for me – getting those juices flowing, whether directly connected to the prompt or not.

oh dear. I’m sorry…

I do apologise for the story below, all I can say in mitigation is that Chuck made me do it. This took about an hour to write and you can probably tell right?

This story is basically Thomas the Tank Engine meets Die Hard

“Why me?” It was the perennial question Bruce Topham would ask himself as he found himself charged with another impossible job to save the world, or at least a medium sized city from yet another lone terrorist madman with a dodgy accent.

He sighed and banked the electric hang-glider following the curve of the railway a few hundred feet below. Continue reading

A rose by any other name

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The Clerkenwell Writer’s Asylum inaugural writing prompt challenge!

At our first regular meeting of 2015 last night, the idea of using writing prompts to help encourage those of us who need an extra push to get writing, or just like prompts was raised.

I decided to take the initiative and launch our first but hopefully not last such challenge.

For those that haven’t used them before – here is a great tumblr which explains them and provides some good ones.

You could use the prompts to inspire a story for the CWA Blog or one you want to take further… If you participate in the challenge it doesn’t mean you have to bring the story to a meeting, just share them via email.  It would be great if someone else wanted to provide prompts for the next challenge in February if this takes off as an idea.

January Challenge…

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my review of the year

A brief post, which as this is a blog and as the role of blogs is to be solipsistic – it’s a review of my writing this year.

On the plus side:

  • I have read more books on creative writing, and hopefully taken some of their lessons on board.
  • I have written more, whether as a result of prompts (thank you Chuck Wendig) or just random early morning writing practice. Or as a result of;
  • I’ve started going to the Clerkenwell Writer’s Asylum. A great, really useful group of very talented and thoughtful amateurs that has been going for quite some time.

On the negative side:

  • I have failed to meet any of the challenges I set to push myself (350 words per day, a bit of writing every morning etc etc)
  • I have failed to submit much creative work for publication
  • I have failed to find a comfortable balance between creative and non-fiction writing
  • I have failed to complete the majority of things I’ve started.

On the whole I think there are more pluses than negatives (well obviously not numerically, but the pluses weigh more), but for 2015 I really want to set a few achievable writing goals that I can judge myself against at the end of the year.

These are as follows:

  • Finish (including drafting and redrafting) at least 6 longish short stories.
  • Submit at least 3 short stories for publication with different outlets.
  • Be more disciplined about creative writing – RITE MOAR!!!

Lastly – if you’re reading this – good luck to you in 2015!