fascinating essay in Aeon magazine about ‘creepypasta’ scary memes I’d never come across before, I could see Candle Cove giving me nightmares.

black market daemon (part one)

so having dispensed with ‘Rabbit Proof Fence’ for now – I am posting this morning’s writing practice. I decided to go with a popular writing prompt idea of taking an existing wildly fantastical story idea and setting it in the real world. See if you can guess what it is. *winking smiley*

***updated as of the 2nd of January*** Please do remember this story is just a bit of fun really…

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happy new year

the New Year seems like the right time to post this from Garfield minus Garfield

If you haven’t seen it before by the way, it’s a brilliant exploration of a young man’s daily battle with existence, and an example of ‘remixing’ previously existing work, something which I think is underatted in story telling and has the potential to produce as exciting results as it does in music.

early morning writing practice

so for the last few days I have been aiming to write at least something every morning in order to simply practice, the last four mornings have seen me write the same story – how long can I keep up either the story or the morning writing session?

I’ll stick the four extracts so far in this post – they are unedited and unformatted at the moment… and some was written on an ipad so there will be typos galore!

Edited on 31st of December – I’ve changed a few things and written a fairly hurried potential finish in to the story – or this could just be a first chapter…

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violent century

I’m currently reading ‘Violent Century‘ by Lavie Tidhar, it’s set in an alternate Earth very like ours but for one important difference – something happened one day in the early Thirties to change hundreds or thousands of humans around the planet into Ubermensch or Super people.

I’m currently on about the 60% mark and once I got past the slightly jarring point of view that the writer has used; it’s an unputdownable read.

There have been some really interesting attempts the last couple of years to create super hero novels from scratch; from Adam Christopher at Angry Robot to David J Schwartz with Super Powers.

This latest from Tidhar is a welcome addition to the new wave of heroes that do not have to be confined to comic books or even start off there.

I’m off to finish it now…

Lines on a Map (fragment one)

This was originally posted on my tumblr blog here and I thought I would share it as it takes place in a similar world to the one in a story I’m currently working on and will be posting updates from here. I also want to get into the habit of posting stuff from previous blogs up here and editing it in the process.

Jake was leaning over the table a look of concentration on his face, his intent was reinforced by the tip of his tongue sticking out of the corner of his mouth. Sally had to admit he looked cute like that. He was carefully folding a torn page from the London A – Z 1998 edition into an intricate 3 dimensional shape.

After what seemed like an hour but was only five minutes Jake sat back and sighed contentedly, in front of him on the upturned tea chest he had used as a workbench was a delicate and beautiful paper swan, criss crossed with angry red A-roads and thin yellow B-roads and blotched with the brown grey of urban blocks. Continue reading

so my third or fourth creative writing blog begins…

and hopefully continues; we will see…

My aim with this blog will be to try and instill a sense of discipline on my creative writing, where I do not allow work or other demands to stop me writing at least something each day. Maybe not a thousand words per day like a previous impossible target, but at least a paragraph or a passage or even a chapter of something.

Again it’s not a hard and fast rule that I’m going to beat myself up about if I don’t achieve, but I think if I can honestly say I’ve written 100,000 words in one year that is a good amount even if not all in the same story.

I did a creative writing course at Citylit in the summer and our tutor Scott Bradfield said – write something every day and feel bad if you can’t for some reason and try and make up for it as soon as you can.

Which sounds good to me as a starting point.