it’s just one word after another

It’s just one word after another

So following the 1000 word flash I wrote on Monday, I managed to write another 1300 or so yesterday, this time without needing a prompt or any other external inspiration. At least beyond the subconscious level.

I’m much happier with yesterday’s work, so happy in fact that I’m going to hold off posting it until I’ve written another couple of chapters because I detect a longer story coming.

What this hammers home for me though, is that once you start writing – even something that’s rushed and you’re not that happy with – it does lead to more writing. The process of writing really is about putting one word in front of another.

Which brings me to another issue – if you start writing a story you think has real potential and could work nicely as a serial, how many chapters do you get down before posting publicly? Posting the first before you’ve written the second would probably be a mistake, what if you never write another word of that story? But you crave some sort of feedback,  you want to get it out there before you lose momentum…

hmm… *scratches chin*


first post in loads of months

Hmmm, so I’ve not put anything up here for months – mainly because I’ve struggled to write more than a few hundred words of fiction at a time, and none that has felt even vaguely good enough to put here or anywhere else someone might see it.

Hopefully I will be able to put stuff up more frequently, but who knows? What I do know is that I’ve made that promise before and not followed through.

Ashleigh’s Challenge

So, the quick bit of flash fiction below is a response to the prompt here from Chuck Wendig, on writing a flash fiction piece that is all action. Hopefully I’ve risen to the challenge… I thought it was an opportunity to dust off an old idea “what if Pokemon happened in the real world?” It’s a kind of throw away idea that probably won’t lead to great art, but maybe a few fun short stories… I’ll let you judge that.

PS – I know it’s got exclamation marks in the dialogue, but I was aiming for that authentic Pokemon feel ;)

Here is a story set in the same world that I wrote earlier – you’ll notice inconsistancies in names etc; that’s because I’m still playing around with the idea

Gwachal lowered his flaming skull and projected a second energy blast from the multi-coloured spiral horn in its centre. Kelar flapped her large leathery wings and rose into the air not quite quick enough to avoid the blast slamming into her left hind leg and spinning her into the wall of one of the buildings that backed onto this modestly sized urban car park.

Peering out from behind the smelly dumpster he had secured for himself at the beginning of the bout Suleiman winced and cast an apologetic glance at Kelar who was looking at him reproachfully.

“Kelar, fire bubble now!”

The great winged battlephant honked in reply and swooped down at Gwachal who was visibly powering up his horn in order to let loose another blast. Kelar sucked in a great gulp of oxygen and blew it back out with a sound like a sigh. A great flaming bubble of air floated in what seemed to Suleiman to be slow motion as it drifted down and enveloped the zombie unicorn below. Continue reading


fascinating essay in Aeon magazine about ‘creepypasta’ scary memes I’d never come across before, I could see Candle Cove giving me nightmares.

black market daemon (part one)

so having dispensed with ‘Rabbit Proof Fence’ for now – I am posting this morning’s writing practice. I decided to go with a popular writing prompt idea of taking an existing wildly fantastical story idea and setting it in the real world. See if you can guess what it is. *winking smiley*

***updated as of the 2nd of January*** Please do remember this story is just a bit of fun really…

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happy new year

the New Year seems like the right time to post this from Garfield minus Garfield

If you haven’t seen it before by the way, it’s a brilliant exploration of a young man’s daily battle with existence, and an example of ‘remixing’ previously existing work, something which I think is underatted in story telling and has the potential to produce as exciting results as it does in music.

early morning writing practice

so for the last few days I have been aiming to write at least something every morning in order to simply practice, the last four mornings have seen me write the same story – how long can I keep up either the story or the morning writing session?

I’ll stick the four extracts so far in this post – they are unedited and unformatted at the moment… and some was written on an ipad so there will be typos galore!

Edited on 31st of December – I’ve changed a few things and written a fairly hurried potential finish in to the story – or this could just be a first chapter…

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